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P.O.P Feature + Giveaway: Lorenzo Diggins, Jr.

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Lorenzo Diggins, Jr.

Okay,  Confession… I, Sydnie – lowkey “stalked” Lorenzo’s work after coming across his brand The Essential Man one day while lurking on The Unique Space LA website.  The Unique Space is an amazing co-workplace and was home to Lorenzo’s TEM brand at the time.  His simple yet, really great and relatable designs caught my eye.  After following him on social media for a while and catching wind of his latest project The Simple Things, I knew we had to feature him on the blog and Jasmine couldn’t agree more. His challenge to us all to reflect on the simple things that bring us joy, is a call to action that reaches beyond face value and causes us to dig a bit deeper to discover what truly makes our hearts smile (ironic right!?). The Zine, Simple Things headliner is a collection of illustrations and text showcasing the things that bring Lorenzo joy and have been the connecting dot between him and the many people who have been inspired by his project. I had the honor of meeting Lorenzo and enjoying his Simple Things pop up experience on a recent trip to LA.  The guy is a creative master and his pursuit of purpose is one to witness.  We had the pleasure of picking his brain on all things purpose and it brings us joy to share it with you!

Thats not all! We are also giving away some dope merch from Lorenzo’s The Simple Things Project as well as his brand The Essential Man.  Details below, Good luck and may Lorenzo inspire you, the way he has us!

P.O.P Q&A with Lorenzo

Name: Lorenzo Diggins Jr.

Age: 28

Occupation: Artist / Designer

Birthplace/place you grew up: Los Angeles, CA

Current location: Los Angeles, CA

What do you believe your purpose to be?

“Aside from being a father (but no time soon) – I personally think “purpose” is an ongoing discovery that is forever changing/evolving. Right now I think my purpose is to inspire people to follow their dreams and to help kids identify their talents.”

When did you discover your purpose?

“I’m not sure exactly when I discovered my purpose but I am reminded of it every time someone tells me they are inspired by my journey or anytime I can share some gems with the youth.”

What advice would you give to those aspiring to pursue purpose in their everyday life?

“Through my experience, I found that pursuing things from the heart ultimately lead to me doing things that I was passionate about which has helped me discover my purpose. With that being said – my only advice would be “to do it from the heart” and everything will fall in place.”

What has been your biggest obstacle thus far pursuing purpose and how did you push through it?

“On my journey I have overcome many obstacles from not having the “right” resources to not having the “right” team to not knowing the “right” people – the way I have overcome all of those things is by not putting a lot of focus on that stuff and really directing my attention to creating the best product with what I did have.”

Currently one of my biggest obstacles is time management, it’s honestly something I’ve always been poor at but I’m really trying to master it this year. I have a really strong work ethic but I procrastinate a lot which leads to me always cutting it close to my deadlines. I don’t know if it’s because I like the thrill of working under pressure but I could definitely ease some of my stress by managing my time properly. I’m a work in progress in that area.”

Tell our readers about your Simple Things Project and what you would like to accomplish with it.

“In 2014, I started creating things around the concept of “simple things”  It all began with my free-hand illustrations of the “simple things” in life that brought me joy and at the time drinking Mexican Coke was synonymous to those joyous moments. As time progressed, so did my collection of illustrations and that’s when I knew I wanted to compile and present them all but I wasn’t sure of how.

It wasn’t until I returned home from my life changing trip to Japan (October 2015) when conceptually everything fell into place and that was the birth of the zine. Since my book was inspired by the “simple things” in life that brings me joy, I wanted to take it a step further and engage and connect with people by learning some of the “simple things” that bring them joy, and that was the birth of “The Simple Things Project”.

Overall, the whole purpose of this project is to challenge people to have a moment of reflection. Since I realize that a lot of us are pursuing something greater – often times while in pursuit, we tend to lose track of the smaller (simple) things that bring us joy and I wanted this project to reflect that.”

Fun Fact Q&A:


“Mother, Father, and Great-Grandmother”

If you could eat something everyday, what would it be?

“Lemon Ricotta Pancakes for breakfast, tacos for lunch (with a Mexican Coke), and hot wings for dinner. Definitely not my reality though.”

Favorite quote?

“I have too many but I’m going to roll with this for now: “Theirs ain’t got nothin’ to do with yours.” – Dom Kennedy”

Favorite “simple thing” that brings you joy?

“Good conversation and a Mexican Coke.”

Three essential things you never leave home without?

“My glasses, my notebooks, and my camera.”



  1. Simple Things Zine – Lorenzo wrote a special note inside for the winner
  2. Simple Things print “Mexican Coke” 4×6
  3. The Essential Notebook
  4. The Essential Handkerchief 
  5. Simple Things Stickers (exclusive giveaway item, not pictured.)
  6. Simple Things/All Things Essential fashion pins (exclusive giveaway item, not pictured)


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Good Luck!


Featured photo of Lorenzo by: Heather Liggins

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