When it comes to buying gifts for loved ones,  I look for purposeful items that add value to their lives.  I find gift buying less stressful and more enjoyable when the gift has meaning and can truly be helpful to the person I am buying for.  It’s easy to buy someone a new shirt or their favorite fragrance, but when you find something that truly speaks to who they are as a person and the dreams they are reaching for, it not only blesses them, it blesses you as well!

With my Christmas list still full of names to buy for.  I thought I would share a few of the purposeful gift ideas I have in mind.

This Is Ground

gift for the tech savvy, creative, traveler on your list.

This Is Ground inspires us to be creative anywhere and everywhere we go.  With their organizing backpacks and tools, an item or two from This Is Ground, is perfect for the designer, techy, traveler or all around creative on your list.  This gift is sure to help any person on the go live a productive, organized and purposeful life!

backpack, purpose, creative, travel, travel bag, tech


Gift for your friend on a health kick.

I was first introduced to matcha by Starbucks.  Their Matcha green tea latte is AMAZING.  However, I just recently learned all the purposeful benefits of this powerful green tea.  Matcha is a great source of antioxidants, surpassing super foods such as blueberries and pomegranate.  Matach is also known to boost focus levels and sustain energy, helping any go getter pursue their purpose full speed!


green, green tea, tea, healthy, wellness, matcha, organic, gift idea


All The Wire

Gift for your nostalgic sister.

All The Wire is one of my favorite brands and gift ideas for the holiday.  Their goods are all customizable making this the perfect gift for friends and family. Put a scripture or motivational quote on their beautiful Mexican blankets. Have a special date or word of affirmation engraved onto their sleek gold necklaces.  Put the word “purposed” on their one of a kind bracelets, reminding a loved one that they were created with a purpose (see what I did there.)  Seriously, this is a gift that will put a smile on a face and warm your heart.

blanket, engrave, gift, mexican blanket, purpose



Gift for the fellas that gives back.

No, I am not buying anyone underwear for Christmas lol.  But I came across GOODS and their cause and thought, “it’s a great gift for someone out there.” Goods partners with agencies and organizations that feed, house, cloth and rehabilitate individuals and families out of homelessness.  Pretty dope right!?  So ladies buying for your husband, moms buying for sons, or fellas buying for yourselves – GOODS is a great way to become apart of something bigger than yourself this Christmas, giving these undies a whole lot of purpose!

mens wear, underwear, good, purpose, gift


There you have it, a purposeful Christmas gift guide!  I hope it was helpful and steers you in the right direction when picking the perfect gift!  Have any great gift ideas of your own.  Share them below!

*all images were taken from products website or social outlets

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    Good Purpose ideas!

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      thanks so much Marcia! 🙂

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    Good tips & article. Thx!

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    that matchaful looks amazing!

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