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Jasmine’s 60-Day Deep Conditioning Challenge

If you’ve been following the blog and my natural hair posts, then you know I am on a journey to embrace my curls and get them back to a healthy state. I have been dealing with heat damage for…

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Beauty P.O.P Weekly

P.O.P Weekly: A Soap with Purpose

As you all may know from reading my previous skincare posts,  I am big on facial cleansers and finding one that works best for my normal skin type.  My last product love affair was with Fresh – a skincare line…

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Beauty P.O.P Weekly

P.O.P Weekly: Folie Apothecary

This week’s P.O.P weekly is from Folie Apothecary by Nikisha Brunson. I discovered Nikisha Brunson a few years ago as I was searching YouTube for videos on natural hair. I came across the Urbanbushbabes channel that she shares with…

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Beauty P.O.P Weekly

P.O.P Weekly: Healthy SNS Nails

Total Obsession! SNS Nails Ladies, we all know a fresh pair of manicured hands does the soul good.  When your nails are done, you feel more confident and ready to take on the world. In the past, acrylic nails were…

Beauty P.O.P Weekly

P.O.P Weekly: Skincare With a Purpose

I recently learned my skin type is “normal”.  I may experience oiliness and dryness on different areas of my face, but it is easily resolved and my face usually feels equal all over.   This explains why my beloved…

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April Makeup Haul

In the last few months, I have purchased a few makeup items that I have been wanting to try and add to my makeup collection. Check out what I purchased below and let me know if you’ve tried any…